Five Steps to Changing Careers

Five Steps to Changing Careers

Some people are surprised to learn I was not always been working in the web and content marketing industry.

For many years I worked as a chef in a range of different kitchens and whilst that was fun, the hours and lifestyle were not! From there I became interested in the online world, but still needed to work things out in order to see how I could work in this field (if at all).

So I found myself working such wide ranging jobs as a courier driver to an insurance clerk. Yeah, crazy right! Finally, my skills and contact built so that my side work became my main work – which is what you see here today!

Where do you start?

What do you want to do? Some people have a dream, others do not. If you know what you want to do – make a list of what you will need to pursue it. If you do not, then spend some time considering your likes / dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Try a career assessment too.

Get Certified

For some careers you will need to get certified and professional qualifications. In my role Google Analytics certification is important. For others you may need to pass a PSI test, checking out a provider of continuing education for the PSI test is a smart move.


Who do you know that can help you get to the next step? The old saying it is not what you know but who you know is very true. Your contacts you have built over time – even in other industries and fields – can be a valuable source of contacts for helping you get an in into your next role!

I hope this can help you progress into the new career you have dreamt of!